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DasFriek 08-26-2011 03:11 AM

New NCrawler and i have some questions.
Its been a few years since i was last into RC, But my LST was a beast when i sold it as new hobbies were started.

I have a limited income so i have to plan upgrades as i go and prioritize purchases by getting the most useful items first. When i bought the truck i picked up a good 2S LiPo 5000mAH 40C pack and an Integy 55T Lathe motor which i put in the first night i owned it.

The motor was a great upgrade as the stock motor is anemic at best, But now i have to watch getting bound up and snapping drive line parts. But later im considering a crawling specific brushless setup, But i need time behind the radio more and learn how to drive better.

But what id like to know is what upgrades do you suggest and in a particular order of the most effective/fun being the highest priority. Id also like to know who besides Losi carries stock parts and upgrades that are non Losi made.

I know i read the HD worm gears either the pinion or spool, Or possibly both had advantages over the stock parts past the stronger materials. What makes these special?

So what suggested upgrades you feel would be at home in a truck that is just used for my own non competition fun? And where to buy them?

BentRacer315 12-17-2011 12:01 AM

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I too just picked up a lnc and also found the motor sucked ****. The steering servo is also weak I bucked up and got the hitech 7955tg and wired in a bec, now my lil rock coarse in the yard is a blast. the other good upgrade i did was the comp crawler upper spring mounts and made my own post's out of aluminum, outboarding the rear springs too, now i can crawl over the same obstacles without flipping over and i can approach at an angle and the rear tire will crawl up where before it would spin the truck around until both rear tires were hitting the object I did get rovers whit dot and run 6 oz in each front and 3 oz in each rear

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